Virtual Solutions

We virtualize your entire network onto a single server. Running in a virtual environment is much faster than non-virtual environments.


We will migrate your computers to RAM (solid state memory) instead of fragile, slower disk drives. No other solution is faster and more stable. Just like iPods replaced CD players (that scratch and skip), we replace your drives with memory-based units with no moving parts.


Speed = Increased Productivity = Increased Profit!!!
Speed… Speed… Speed!


With a Bacher Virtual Solution, the speed of your applications will just fly. The key is the technology and how Bacher configures it. Our secret is that we maximize configurations for industry specific software.


Regardless if you log in from any device (whether a PC, tablet, laptop or another employee’s PC), you always will be working from your desktop. It’s quick and very secure.

Data Security
All your employee desktops are backed up nightly to provides a high level of data protection.

In a hosted environment, your data is located in a secured data center.

Centralized Updating & Support
We can handle/control the updating specific applications and operating systems at a much higher level. This helps keep a stable IT environment with less compatibility issues. We also can manage and ensure operating systems are updated with critical security patches.

Ability to Create Virtual Environments for Application-Specific Requirements
Some applications require older or newer operating systems environments to operate as well as be supported by the manufacturer. With a virtual solution, we can create application-specific environments on the same server; eliminating the need for additional equipment, backup and support for unnecessary servers/workstations.

Reducing Long-Term Costs
Instead of replacing PCs every 3-5 years, money is invested on the server component of the network. Many of our clients migrate over to all thin client devices as their PCs die off.  Because thin client stations have no hard drives and cooling fans, these workstations work well in dusty environments. They use much less electricity than PCs saving you electricity costs. The bigger your network the larger your cost savings over time.


Hosted versus Local
We offer both solutions depending on your needs. Contact us to perform a thorough needs assessment.